Monday, November 16, 2009


I am exhausted. A good exhausted you know. The girls retreat from my point of view went really well. The schedule felt packed and good, yet lots of time for hanging out and getting to know each other. The speaker had a great report with the girls, they all like her and she taught scripturally walking them thru some great passages. I was very thankful for Cammi's talent and heart. She was great to have around to teach the girls!
My friends who did the break out sessions ROCKED!! The girls thought they were all practical and helpful. So i am praying that those hands on activities will mark their brains and keep them focused on Jesus!
They worked really hard at the Fall Festival our church throws for our 'Judea'. Doing all sorts of carnival games and maning the inflatables. We pray that the community was blessed and excited about that.
Friday night we did something really fun! Cammi had recipes for face scrub, hand scrub and toner. We asked the girls upon arriving to wash off all their make up. Some of the girls avoided me when i asked...but i kept being persistent and finally they did, so after the worship we pampered them with home made scrubs. It was fun. Two of my mom's brought a chocolate fountain and we dunked, oreos, marshmallows, pretzels and bananas with punch. It was a nice night for the girls

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