Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jack Extraction

So a year ago lil Jack joined our family! That morning as kimmel was taking pictures of all the little moments up to the birth he made a hashtag #jackextraction and it made me laugh! Since i was having a C section it made sense...he only did it for two pictures but still it was perfect.

A year later and its been amazing. This little happy guy is such a fun addition to our family. The boys love him and still love to hold him even thought jack can't stand it! Through out the day i hear both the big boys saying 'no jack' or 'uh ah don't touch that jack'...i then ask, who is the mommy? He apparently has 2 extras.

Sweet lovable little Jack. We are so very thankful for you! You keep us laughing and happy as you continue to explore your world and get so very frustrated when you can't keep up with your brothers. Thru all the squeezes and pulls you must know they love you, its just a strange way to show it. Thanks for putting up with them!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

11 months

So here we are in July and Jack is 11 months! Can't believe it! He is moving and a grooving, slo close to walking on his own. Wants to be where his brothers are and can almost wrestle them for any toy. He is just getting stronger each day! 

Trying to go outside early each morning so we can enjoy the cool. It doesn't last long but we enjoy it while we can swinging, jumping or just enjoying the breeze. 

He makes us laugh and we apparently make him squeal cause that is his form of communication right now. We are working on that haha

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

10 months

We were in Virginia when our little Jack turned 10 months.  My nephew Noah graduated from High School and i had my 20 year high school reunion. It was a crazy 10 days but we all made it. We spent lots of time with my sister and her kids, the boys loved playing with all the new toys and fun cousins.

Mom wanted a picture with all her grandkids, so at my sisters' house one day we snapped a couple but it was super hot so none of the kids lasted long :) 

We took one morning to spend on the beach and the boys loved it, jack not so much he cried when i put his feet in the water and the sand. Took them to the spot i would drive to during high school. It was overcast and super windy but we had a blast. We met my friends Monica and Rob with their twins. Asher played in the sand with all the toys our friends brought and shepherd ran in and out of the water having a blast! 

We had a blast even if we were all so exhausted and cranky :( 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

9 months

Another month has breezed by, or i guess i should say washed by, due to all the rain! Blah, so over thunderstorms and tornados! Thankfully jack has no clue about weather and storms. We all know something bout allergies right now though! Me and all three the boys have congested faces. :( Hoping it passes quickly.

This little nugget just keeps on growing. Started waving a little bit and still does the bashful tuck when you try to talk to him :) Likes to stand but not really interested in crawling. Talking a bit more...we get Mama and Dada out of him sometimes. Mostly just gibberish and yelling at his brothers.

His laughter is contagious and i can't stop tickling him to hear it :) Enjoying every day with this chill little baby. Thankful he is part of our family!

Monday, April 11, 2016

8 months

Again the month has flown by and Jack is not as little as we was. Our chill little third born is fun to be around. He is taking his time growing and hitting milestones. Shepherd and Asher were starting to pull up and almost walking at this time, and Jack is just content to roll around and play with his toes.

Still the cutest little bashful boy when someone tries to talk to him. Cutting his eyes down and grinning as his chin tucks into his chest. We are currently learning how to wave....he does it sometimes but other times he just smiles at us like 'yea I'm not gonna do that' . 

Enjoying all these pretty days out side...praying it doesn't rain anymore our road can't take it! 

Friday, March 11, 2016

7 months

Not much has changed for our little Jack. Still growing an happy. Still loved by his brothers who often fight over holding him. 

Found this sweet little onsie on ETSY from a shop called Urban Baby Co.. If you have little ones or know someone who does they have sweet clothing! Check them out! 

Sitting up, screaming, reaching and eating. These are the things that occupy his time in between naps. Still a great sleeper! 

Love this picture from the Tulip fields from last week. We had been there about an hr and he was DONE. After we let the older ones run around the maze we tried for an all kids photo. But as you can see Jack didn't want anything to do with it...but i thought it was so sweet my two were trying to soothe him while the Johns watched. :) 

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Jump around

We have entered into a new chapter with Kimmel's new job. He will be traveling a lot in the future but for now he is home most days. It has been a lot better than i anticipated. The boys do a great job of not going in our bedroom so he can have a work space. It might be harder on kimmel having to stay in there while we are just so close.

Since he doesn't have to drive home from any office, and due to the amazing weather we have been having, the boys go with him to the trampoline for some post work and pre dinner fun.

I think its been so good for all of them to jump the stress of work away and be crazy little boys with daddy.

Thankful for these little moments and cherishing them while they last. So thankful for the lovely weather as of late...hoping not to get to the 100 degree weather, blah!

Sometimes there are tears...cause daddy kicks you in the face with a ball....or the boys push too hard..but most times its all fun! :)