Sunday, March 04, 2012

one month

Shepherd has been with us for a month! The time has flown by and yet it seems like he has been with us forever! We are of course enjoying each lil moment both fun and cute, and frustrating and confusing. I dont' think i grasped how difficult some of this is...God is teaching me loads. 

We prayed for this lil man and we are very thankful for him. We hope to share him will all our friends soon...i just can't seem to make it out the house. Supposedly thats normal and ok, so i am not too worried. I am doing great physically and emotionally just can't leave the house. :P lol
We do go for walks and strolls. I have to nap during the afternoon or i am a beast at the midnight and 3 am feeding.

Thank you for all your prayers and sharing in our joy!

I promise i will blog about other things soon...but its my world right now!

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