Monday, December 18, 2006

Sleeping Weirdo

So through out my life i have had my sister, mom, friends, and roommates tell me that i talk, flirt, walk and laugh in my sleep. I have said some crazy things. Walked into walls and talked to random people. but i think that the other night tops the wierdness...
So i wake up the other morning...and all my pillows (have 5 total) are on the floor...which is strange b/c i snuggle with them you i roll over to the side table so i can see what time it is and i see a light bulb sitting by my cellphone...which is strange b.c i don't have lightbulbs lying then i just shrug it off and like go to the bathroom where my stuffed kitty is in the middle of the during the night i pushed off all my pillows...threw my kitty in the bathroom...and took the light bulb out of my lamp for whatever reason....i don't remember dreaming anything at all so its just strange to me!
fun times!~
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