Friday, September 02, 2011

What's in a name

Its funny how as a girl you talk about names for babies, you name your dolls when your little, and you think that when you will be pregnant you KNOW what you are naming the baby. The problem now is you know someone named Clarice and she wasn't very nice to you, there are 100 Sara's now and don't want to be part of the masses. There are alot of factors that go into choosing names.

In one circle of friends i am the last to be having kids. So i know how they have handled the name game. Some couples with held their name not wanting criticism, while others boldly pronounced the name and didn't care what people thought. I have heard people respond interestingly to a name and heard of families offering other suggestions passively saying "that is not a good name".  We are all people of opinions but this is one of those things that you keep to yourself! :)

Now that i am older the naming process is different in my mind. I really like to try and use family names. People that mean a lot to us or have passed and we miss. I was named after my great grandmother on my Dad's side...susan elizabeth i kind of like family names. I like unique names too but sometimes i think of a name and its not so unique :)

We have at least one name for each gender but middle names are difficult. Its a fun task that is set before us! We have a month or so before we find out the gender so its still a fun name finding game as of now for both genders. I know that when we figure out the name we are gonna love it and i don't care what others think :) but until then it will be locked in our minds.

Have you had a funny response for your baby name?

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