Monday, September 08, 2008

Soccer Spasams

I started playing soccer my sophomore year of high school. Some friends and i started the team with the guys soccer coach....he was the coolest teacher know him every school has one! Those three seasons were so much fun. The games and the van rides nothing could top it. Tried to go on my college team but was denied...its ok college was still amazing! 
That was me more than 10 years ago before the whole beckham surge and the US became obsessed with the sport. Now my family is a soccer family. My oldest nephew is like a star, so gifted and focused...and he LOVES it. His little brother plays too...for as much as a 2.5 year old can play :) Me, Andrew and our friends are on an indoor league...SO FUN! and my brother in law is on an indoor team...and he played tennis growing up!  My cats name is lil beckham in honor of the futboller! 
We love the sport....just thought i would share! 
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