Monday, September 29, 2008

Zoo fun!

This saturday was a beautiful day that Andrew and I took advantage of. We went to the zoo with our friends Christin and Dustin and their little boy Brock! It was so much fun! Neither Andrew nor I had been in years so it was fun to see all the new stuff! Brock was fun to watch and silly too.

On the way in a saw a beautiful flower! I think it is a hybiscus. :) my fave!

The Cute Meerkat! I thought he was a little bit bigger than that in real life...but still so cute!

Brock loved the bird exhibit so much he watned to kiss the bird!

Andrew was mezmirized by the elephants. One of them was rolling around three balls, kind of playing soccer with them. I think they connected. :)

It was a wonderful fun day! I am so glad we got to go!
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