Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spooky things afoot

The other night we heard a knock on the door...upon my answering there was no one there...just a plastic pumpkin filled with goodies and two pieces of paper. It said we had been "Booed". Something spooky was going on in our neighborhood and if we didn't want to get it again we were to tape the other picture to our door.   

Since i couldn't find tape i used post-it notes...sad i know. haha There was a poem that came with it explaining how you are to make two more buckets/baskets, copy the two papers and pass it on by ding dong ditching them! I asked my neighbor and friend Kati to go with me cause Kimmel was at the football game. It was very exciting and crazy...i had never ding dong least that i remember and i think i would remember something that fun! :)

If you live in a neighborhood this is a great way to spread fun and get to know each other. I wish i kept a copy of the poem...but i am sure you can make something up that would be perfect!

Happy spooking!
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