Monday, October 27, 2008

Trip Home

So Thursday night i left Texas on a standby flight to Virginia. Mom had called last monday and pretty much said i had to come, so by the gift of God my friend helped me get on for cheap. You see my mom is packing up her house, the one i grew up in, to move into a beautiful condo close to my sister. She works full time and doesn't have too much help to go thru the massive amounts of stuff she has. So we went thru her attic, and threw away like 6 bags of trash. I saw some OLD clothes and toys i hadn't seen in years. It was nostalgic and learned that i cannot CANNOT be a pack rat! Hahaha and i know my mom had great intentions and its cool to see my old stuff, but its just way too much!

Anyway i got some great quality time with her, my sis and her family! Max was flaunting his halloween costum, dancing to jonas brothers and had practice for soccer. Played guitar hero with Noah and Maria. I am not really that good and my wrist HURT after but they were real good! :) It was fun!
The last day there mom and i were in the midst of moving stuff from her house to her new one or my storage and there was a beautiful rainbow. I captured a couple picutres.
It was a great busy two days.
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