Thursday, October 16, 2008

water, food and love for the soul

Most of you know that i cherish the beach. The ocean and its magnificence, the soft sand in between your toes, the wind whipping thru your hair. There is no other place that feels like heaven to me. Nature in itself is such a refreshment for my soul.

The past few days it has been rainy and cloudy. For texas that is the opposite of normal. Its been nice but hard to get out of bed. I love the rain! The sound, the puddle jumping, the smell. Its all just so refreshing.

I have been keeping Kimmel's old camera with me this past week just snapping pictures of life as it happens, and i tried to capture the sun rise the other morning. Its such a pretty picture and causes me to pause for a second and think about God; His love, provision and protection for me. There are so many things that i take for granted or forget about that i have. I want for nothing. My soul has a moment with its creator and longs to be near HIM.

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