Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Piano Lessons

When i was really little i had the dream that one day i would be the pianist of a church where my husband was the pastor. Can you tell i grew up in a southern baptist church..hahaha So as you know that has not happened but i did learn to play the piano. Started in like first grade and stuck with it through half of my junior year. Mrs. Lamb was the last teacher i had. She was amazing! Amazingly challenging as well. I learned so much from her the five or more years i took from her. Then my dream changed to wanting to teach piano lessons. That would be my job. Stay home, work from home and teach kids. Perfect job! So i started doing this on the side for extra cash last year. I really like it. The students i have are just 5-8 years old. All beginners and all really sweet. Last spring i rented out a recital hall for them to play on an actual grand piano. I think they really liked it, so this year i am renting it out again...for christmas recital. Its fun and exciting! This is from last spring, Alexis, Emily, and William. I have two more this semester. :)

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