Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dad's lil gift of Chipotle

So today i had a hankerin for Chipotle! The yummy corn salsa, guacamole, chips and tortillas. So i finished setting up the chairs for wednesday night and i thought to myself i am gonna get some. I walk into Dustin's office let him know i was going there and wondered if he wants me to pick him up some? He says yes and writes down what he wants. So i get in my car...walk in and i see a friend from church. We small talk, order our meals, and as she is checkin out and she hands the register a coupon and the girl is like which ones...and my friend points to hers, her friends, and my order....i was like wait what? and the register lady was like ok, and you get 4 guacamole with chips. FREE!!! :)

It was so nice to get a gift from above. Little it may be, but so nice! Just like everyone, i live on a budget. Have special days when i purchase breakfast only. Some days i bring food from home and NO spending money at all. He also provided lunch for me yesterday! YIPEE!!!'

Thanks Dad! :)
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