Sunday, January 11, 2009

Engagment pictures

As mentioned in the last entry of this blog i bragged about how Dad is taking care of me and just making things light and easy and fun for the wedding. Yesterday Andrew and i went and took pictures with a friend of ours. And she took us to the grapevine train station, a field, a strange house, and to the lake where he proposed. We laughed, kissed, hugged, laughed and tried to stay warm. It was so much fun! Ellie was a bit nervous cause the temperature was like in the 50's. But the sun and sky was perfect so she said if we were game she was game. So we did! Ended up with like 200 pics....she wittled them down and gave me 160 some. They are all sooo was hard to pick my fave. I am so thankful for her, her talent and her willingness to do this with us!

I may put a link to the folder...but not sure just bear with me! :)
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