Thursday, January 29, 2009


It seems funny to me, how some days i feel like i don't have any friends. It must be a lie that satan whispers and i believe. Cause i have lots of friends, that truly care. There are friends all over the states and here that i couldn't replace or dream of ever doing so. It has been difficult for me the past few years as i continued to be single and in the same cycle of life as my friends one by one passed me on the track. It was a lonely spot, some times i dont' think handled it very well. I have two friends that walked with me thru that here in tx, & one in GA. Their advice an encouragment is priceless to me. People say that "God doesn't give you more than you can handle." The timing of Andrew definitely hit when i no longer could handle it.

Andrew has become my 'best' friend as they say. Someone who i have to talk to each day. He is the friend i must call when good, bad or funny things happen. One of the fun things of dating your best friend you are guaranteed to like his friends. Two people we really like are Kyle and Maddie.They have become our 'playmates' hahah Kyle and Andrew have been friends since first grade and i feel like i have known Maddie my whole life. They are fun and they like us! hahaha We had talked about going on a road trip together, but have run into a snag cause andrew and i will be married and they will not. We shall see...i think it can work! Thank you guys for being our friends! :)

We hope that all our friends feel as loved as we do. One small way of saying thanks is involving them in the wedding, and our lives. We are so thankful for the friends we have and look forward to making new ones!
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