Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Movies and kissing God's way ;)

So our church is showing the movie, 'FireProof' this saturday night. We already have like 1000 couples signed up to come and watch. Meaning there is a massive amount of children that will be watched by the youth department! 200 as of now! But i digress. We we mocking the movie saying that this one isn't as bad as the other 'christian' films. Why is it that 'we' produce poor movies. Is it we haven't sold our soul for it. Or we settle for mediocer. God is a creative god we should be gaining creativity by tapping into him. I don't know. One thing i did hear that was really cool about Kurt Cameron while making this movie. Was that he had made a promise with his wife to never kiss anyone else for a movie part. NEVER. So they staged the kiss with his real wife and made it so you couldn't really tell who he was kissing. Now that I like! Nice job Camerons!
I hear it is really good...i wish i could see it but i will be playing with the kids. If you haven't seen it i think you should. One of my girls here at church said "i just saw fireproof, and i am harsh critic you know, but i really liked it!" So i am thinking if you aren't picky you will love it! if you are picky, grin and bear it.
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