Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Wedding planning...

If you notice i put a little ticker on the side. Just so i can watch and remind myself it is soon! It sometimes feels really far away. But i think like school it comes quicker than you expected. I am very thankful that the planning and gather of 'stuff' has been easy so far. Already ordered my dress, got the bridesmaids dresses for $40, the place the ceremony will take place and our officiate, Andrew's dad! I am also very thankful Andrew likes to be apart of the planning process. He is super sweet and has ideas for him and his guys that goes really well with my stuff. Its nice. My friends from out of state and country are already purchasing tickets and planning their time to come out here for the wedding! Andrew and I are thankful that God has allowed our paths to cross and are excited to start a life together! So i just wanted to share my thankfulness! :)
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