Saturday, March 21, 2009

back home and thankful for provision from Dad

So i am back home from colorado. It was a fun time...hard working and exhausting but oh so good! Seeing Kevin, Amy, Ashley and Ben was good! They are all such great people and i wish i could spend more time with them! The students seemed to get along really well..not much drama which is nice. They worked hard and never really complained. Its fun to look back and see how God provides for us in huge ways and in small ways. One way i was totally thankful for was a small way. My cellphone decided to die on me one day. It wouldn't charge or respond to anything i tried. So i was like great i have no phone for the rest of the week (this being tuesday). But one of the girls in my house was like i have my old phone with me if you want to use that. She had brought her older more difficult to text phone to hinder her from texting the whole trip but ended up not using instead i used it for the next day and half. I plugged in my phone just to see and left it alone til that next evening. When we got home late thursday my phone was fully charged and ready to go. I know its simple, small and seemingly insignificant but it was HUGE for this trip. So i am very thankful for God's provision and never leaving me stranded even when it comes to cellphones! hahaha


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