Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One month until...

It seems really hard to believe that we only have one more month til we get married! Everyone keeps asking if i am stressed out and i am not. I am enjoying the planning and the picking out cool stuff. I have been trying not to be focused only on that one day. Remembering that even though it is a lot to do it still is just one day of our lives together. Its the start of US. So monday night Andrew and i had a fun restful night. We ate at Molly's, a burger place right down the road from my house, then we played our favorite board games, Settlers and Sequence. He ALWAYS beats me in Settlers and I ALWAYS beat him in Sequence.

In one month I will be sharing everything. In one month my best friend will be living with me. (too cliche?) In one month i will have a reason to cook breakfast each morning. In one month i will do two peoples laundry and LOVE IT!!! (if you know me that is totally true!!) In one month i will no longer say my house but our house. (even though i do sometimes now) haha and my favorite thing in one month i will wake up beside someone! (stinky breathe and all!)

I AM EXCITED! Thank you Dad for the gift you are giving me, even if i thought the wait was way to long. It wasn't! Its perfect just like You!
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