Sunday, April 05, 2009

grey skies tried to hide the sun!

Yesterday i was able to take my bridal picture with my friend Ellie. She is a great photog and took our engagement pictures, i love her 'eye'. hahaha So thanks to my trusted friend Christin who fixed my hair, did my make up and put on some my eyes would 'pop'... i was ready for the photography exstravagansa. :) THANK YOU CHRISIN!
My friends felicia and maddie also went with me. We all went to SWBTS. It is the only 'sentimental' place i really have in Ft Worth and the buildings and pond are super pretty. So we meet up about 4pm and stayed until 7ish. It was loads of fun. My florist had brought me a practice bouquet which i LOVED and am excited to see the stuff for the actual day. I am so thankful for my friends and their helping me...i think maddie may go into photography cause ellie was asking her to do so much by the end she was saying look at this angle, or this is a really pretty view. ;) Thanks Maddie! you Rock!! :)
Felicia is getting married in about 4 months so i hope she will drag me along on her pics so i can help her when she needs it :)

Can't believe we are down to 11 days!!! My heart is beatin with excitement!!!
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