Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Interesting thoughts...

The past week i have had two times in the middle of the day, not reading or praying...just living my life where random scripture passages come to mind and am just taught something about myself.

The first one was the parable about the Talents. Instead of thinking about them as gifts and talents we have been given by God it was told to me this day that it was our salvation. Like the first guy some people get 'saved' then burry it and wait for jesus to come back without being proactive. The second guy received salvation, did some bible studies and shared it with some...and the third was like a evangelist rocking it. Then God entrusted the last two with even more. It challenged me in the fact that i haven't burried my faith and beliefs but i can tend to be more mediorce...is that where i want to stay?

This past Sunday was the second one. As i was in service singing the passage of Peter walking on the water came to my mind. We were not singing anything that had to do with that or water. :) It was like i was peter and stepping in the water was stepping in obedience to what Jesus had said. Then i too slipped and was looking at the waves all around me thinking well this isn't right. And hearing Jesus slightly over the water, but not real sure what he was saying. Then my thoughts took me out of the story and said, even though we step out in obedience we sometimes still only see the 'water' for me that would be worry and fear. Even though we do what God says we have to keep full focus on Him. He does have our best for him and he will never leave. So stop thinking God takes people away from me!! You are being obedient...just look in His eyes.
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