Monday, April 27, 2009

Lip Sync

Our student ministry has this really fun and great 'mission money raising' that we have done two years now. NSM Lip Sync. Last year we had some 7th grade guys dress as girls and dance around to take the trophy, this year we had 8th grade girls dance and lip to disney songs, with a jimminy cricket. :) We had 8 'teams' last night and we raised $1400!! That money will go to the back to school project we do for a nearby elementary school. We purchase school supplies and hand it out to families that cannot afford it. The school is very grateful and our students have fun seeing the kids and families get their necessities. 
Thank you to all the students for doing such a great job and to all the parents and watchers for donating! School supplies here we come! Til next year! :) 
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