Friday, May 08, 2009

Scooting around town. :)

So last night andrew sold his truck, the dependable ford ranger, to a student in our ministry. It is great cause the kid gets a great car for super cheap and he can not worry about it too much! So then andrew was like then lets go get a scooter! He has been wanting one for like a year now and really feels it will help with saving money and having fun! So we went to Moxie Scooters on 26 and met some really great men who love their job! We walked out with a Kymco People, silver. He let me drive it for a bit in our neighborhood but i am not as confident yet....its kind of scary but loads of fun! I took some video of course of the first few mins of him with his new toy! :)

We have fun lil helmets! Can't wait for the fun that lies on the road ahead :) hhahaha
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