Monday, May 18, 2009

Testing for teachers...

Friday andrew and i drove to Abilene so he could take is certification test. It was from 12-4. He sat at the computer answering multiple choice questions on math, science, english and history. He felt pretty confident and thinks he passed. We are praying that the knowledge he had was exactly what was necessary and the answers were great! The next day he had his last full day of training too... from 9-4. His last saturday spent in a hotel listening to stuff he may use for the future :) Please pray with us that this is the steps he needed to acquire the job he is looking for. 

We passed the month mark yesterday. Its been a busy 4 weeks. Nothing has been 'normal' yet with these training days and all he has been gone each saturday. I am a creature of schedule and we haven't really gotten into one. So i am praying that i will last a lil bit more cause he is gone this friday night...our first apart... for a history outing. They get to stay on the texas battle ship!!! cool eh?? 
Maybe soon things will slow down... does it?? :) 
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