Monday, June 29, 2009

guilt or rest

Just like everyones life it seems we can't slow down. Friday officially starts my weekend cause its my day off and sundays are more like a work day that not for me, so i start with friday. We slept in and loafed around the house, went to sports authority to get a gift for my niece, whose bday is tomorrow!, and get andrew so new runners. We ran into our friends the Jones's who gave us their pool pass so we could take our other friends two little girls. Ate lunch at chickfila, ran into a friend who just got back from Laos then headed to the post office. Where i forgot the address so we had to go back to the house to get it and then head to our friends house to pick up the girls. They were so sweet and we had 2 hours of fun in the sun at the pool! Ate dinner with them and headed to the church for our youth movie night. Prince Caspian. 

Saturday we got to experience something rare. Andrew's great grandmother turned 98! She was too cute and lively. She is so sweet. Meme gave me this amazing slow cooker cook book that is so great!! She asked me if i had been cooking from it with a huge smile. Too precious. That evening had dinner with the Dukes, watched New in Town. Good movie. 

Sunday back to work... that evening we taught another couple the great game of "settlers of catan"  :) we should get royalties for setting so many people up to purchasing it :) 

The weekends speed by. I fear that i have been so busy for so long now wether its ministry stuff always happening or friends that invite us over, that when i actually do slow down for a bit i begin to feel guilty or selfish. Something is wrong with that eh? 

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