Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our family :)

So Andrew and i were cooking lunch yesterday, he was grilling chicken, i was fixing the sides and the table. Mimi would be proud i served everything in something that it wasn't cooked in! [mimi is Andrews Great grandma, and her piece of advice at a shower was to set the table with the food in nice bowls and dishes, it just looks nicer and i guess shows a little more love. :)] I noticed our cat Lil' Beckham was sitting ready to eat.

Our chairs have these comfy cushions on them that Gig gave to us and its not only our faves but Lil Beckham's too. I am very thankful for that cat! Even if she is psycho and i don't even know what she is thinking when she charges up the stairs and back down like she is chasing a burglar. Andrew blames it on the fact that she was raised on the streets of Abilene, where he found her, and brought her home to me. She is really sweet and like me, just likes to sit close or be next to the ones she loves. So its a wonderful relationship.

So we ate our grilled chicken, potatoes, bread and green beans with Lil Beckham at our side :) TOO FUN!!! :)
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