Thursday, August 06, 2009

Cheerleading Fun

This past week has been our church's sports fun arts camp. Its where we offer sports and arts to kids from preschool up to 5th grade. Its alot of fun and covers the whole campus of our church as well as ISMS just down the street. We offer all the sports from golf to football and of course cheerleading :) i have been the coach for this the past 3 years. Its fun and i always get teen girls to help me but this year i recruited in the real thing! I came to the realization that being out of cheerleading for 10plus years i am a little behind in knowing what is 'in' for cheering now. I sometimes wonder at football games why they do what they do but it is they way they do it now. So i asked one of our girls here from KHS to get a crew of cheerleaders to lead it. 5 ended up coming for the week and its been great! I asked them to wear their cheer outfit to take picks in, cause every lil girl thinks cheerleaders are the bomb and we love to dress up! :)

Tonight is the finally and i think every one has had fun! It was a good time!

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