Friday, August 28, 2009

Lunch with my hubby!

Fridays are my days off and i like to spend lunch time with Andrew. Thankfully his school allows visitors and we get to eat at his desk together :0 Its fun to put faces with all the names and stories. He has this one super cool history teacher who dresses up in historical clothing everyday, i can't even begin to explain it all to you but he has a different outfit every day of the whole school year! That takes dedication and talent! Andrew told me today he said its hard for kids to remember facts of history but they remember stories much better. He is like a  walking story its pretty cool. 

Andrew has his own desk, laptop and port. He is pretty official! He is totally cool and super stoked about work! He is also coaching after school, i am not sure exactly everything that encompasses...but i know its one step closer in his mind to the dream spot as soccer coach. I am proud of him! He makes me smile for so many reasons! He's a keeper!!! :) haha

Have you hugged your husband today?? if not do so with a lil smooch saying how much he makes you ________ (happy, smile, safe, comfortable fill in the blank and let him know!)  :) 

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