Sunday, August 02, 2009

Nasty Feet

So last week our students had a week of community outreach. We worked at a Senior Center in Haltom City, helping 'build' a park designed specifically for seniors. It is a new design and only one other in the world, in England. So supposedly its a big deal :) . About 30ish of our students went there monday thur thursday to plant flowers, trees, shrubs, level out mulch, and start a garden area for them. It was hard work and rainy which actually is alot better than 100 degree weather so we were very thankful!

The other 30ish stayed in the plex, sorted out bags of school supplies, cleaned around the church and went door to door to get people to take the bags cause we only recieved about 180 and we need like 400 more done! Its been a huge undertaking with out huge results, this needs to be rethinked :) Then on wednesday and thrusday this same group of students went to a camp at a community storehouse. It was a summer day camp for elementary children who got nominated by teachers and met a socioeconomic level. The peeps were too cute! We helped with a music class and had lots of fun.

It was a crazy busy week, and i spoke wednesday night. I was exhausted and not sure if i am caught up on my sleep. Need to take some break soon but we have sports camp coming up this week. I am heading up the cheerleading time. It is fun and i got some cheer leaders from Keller to lead it so i am hoping its great! :)
Will need a getaway soon! haha but don't see one coming. Pray that i can recharge with out an actual get away!!
Thanks :)
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