Thursday, August 27, 2009

week not planned

This past week was something i didn't plan or ever hope for. Last thursday during staff retreat i started cramping in the abdominal area...pretty abnormally...went to the er ...andrew left school and got there right when i was being admitted at 10ish...spent all afternoon testing prodding and found something on my was burst and i was internally at 8:30 i was in the surgery room having it removed that how you spell it? ;) by midnight andrew and i were checking out, heading home.
Spent the weekend recovering which was weird in itself cause no one tells you about all the quirky things that happens to your body with all those meds and stuff. The worst one was the constipation that came from it. one word people "stoolsofteners'' ( i know its not one word its a partial quote from a movie) man oh man...if you have had surgery and your surrounding family made you eat and drink things that were nasty to help you recover and you by passed this step THANK them TODAY!! :) i told andrew after any surgery any of us its all about the prune juice and softeners at our house! you should too!!

Thanks for all your prayers and comforting words they mean the world to us!!
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