Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Almost another week...

So i was looking at my blog and realized it was almost a week since i had written again. The days blow by when you have off. Our labor day weekend was really nice and relaxing. We slept in saturday and i really can't remember what we did. :) Sunday was the usual church, but we went to lunch with some new friends and that was fun and relaxing! That night Kimmel had some 'boys' over for poker, and me and my friend walked around the neighborhood then visited our other friend that is moving in down the street!
Monday we slept in again...he went and bought chickfila, i started doing laundry, cleaned the oven that i put a plastic top in friday!! augh! Came back we ate, he did the yard work, and i continued to clean. It was fun and productive. That night we played our fave game with his parents! Settlers :)
It was a great weekend, leading into a busy week of meetings and fun things. We do our first OverTimeParty this friday after the RHS game we are super stoked! :)

nothing real huge, exciting or meaningful...just life with the newest kimmels :)
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