Monday, September 14, 2009

Great weekend...

So the weekend was wet wet wet! Its great for the ground and all of our plants and flowers, and i totally enjoy it better than the hot 90 degree weather we usually have :) Super excited about that and the fact that andrew and i are flying to VA in Oct. for a short quick visit. (i need it!) :)
So this weekend was really great...lots of emotions and fun. We spent Saturday afternoon with some friends that are moving. They are super fun and such a sweet family! If you know Andrew you know he loves kids and he just thinks their two lil boys and lil girl are too precious. I could hold her all day as she sleeps...but of course that is the fun of being 'auntie Susan' ahhaahaha We definitely look forward to visiting them in Austin!
More on them at (or if that doesn't work the McManus blog on the right)

After that we ended up meeting Maddie and Kyle for dinner and a movie. I suggested the guys seeing their movie '9' and we go see something we like you know like, 'Time Travelers Wife'. The idea was great and its fun seeing things you like, but afterwards i didn't like that he had no clue what i was crying about or why i got teary eyed and said you can't die on know all the rational girl thoughts and emotions. :) But it was fun and the pics below prove it :)
Pancake breakfast at church was rocking...had tons of students and tons of fun! We played a trivia game about the Dallas Cowboys of course...blah hahaaha idk

How was your weekend??
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