Saturday, September 19, 2009

MAC a licious

So as we all know for years it been a battle between the Mac and  PC. Which one is better, which one is cooler, which one do you get to make a statement about yourself. I remember the first computer my mom was rather big...and it was a PC. It went to college with me and i think it was that year in 96 that the internet just rocked. Got my first email with the college, talked on IM with my friends ALL THE TIME!! As the years progressed on there was this need for more computers, and we had several labs around our campus. One of the labs had all Macs in it. For designer classes and other things not real sure. But i happened upon that lab not knowing what i was doing, but scared to just leave the room of embarassment...silly yes! But i had sat down next to a friend Brian who grew up with Mac's and showed me how to get where i was going. I instantly loved it! I don't really know why but i did. Then the Mac marketing, putting themselves in all the movies, and tv shows...i was like these are way cool! So upon going to seminary i had a need to purchase a lap top. Mom and i never purchased another PC so that one had see its good 4 years and then it just faded into furniture. 
I remember it was in 2001 i believe that was able to afford a laptop. So i went on Mac's site purchased the 12' PowerBookG4 and and iPod (a i what??) haha Never looked back. Infact i am typing on that same PowerBook today. What a glorious day! 

I write all this to say that my hubby and i upgraded our phones to iphones just this last week. I have been torn for years as to if its 'worth' the money. If it really is necessary to have it. I am just fine with a simple phone. I have liked them since they came out and thought about getting it over and over. After discussing it with andrew a decision was made and now we have them. They are loads of fun, and handy. I can see why people love them. The apps are fun and totally awesome! 

I go back and forth as to whether we should have got them or not. I sometimes feel like everything i have is excess though. i don't know how to fight that battle. Where is the balance between heaven and here when it comes to technology? Any thoughts?

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