Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunday Night Football

So lest i say again that Texas is football land...and men love it! :) so Sunday afternoon i got to spend time with some good friends and Kimmel got to watch the game. Chris and Felicia just got married in August and two of our fave people to sit and talk with, just don't ask chris to play monopoly he will take you for everything! ;) They had us, one of their good friends from high school(murphey's) and the Baloghs. (another of our fave couples to sit and talk with) I had been cooking some chicken and potatoe thing in the crock pot that afternoon so i brought that over for us to eat, chris and felicia had salad, the Murphey's had bread, and the Balogh's brought dessert!
Baloghs and Murphey's have a girl each and they got to play was fun...chris did a photo shoot with them both at one point....the screamed at each other, talked giberish, and crawled all over. It was cute to watch. :)Sadly the cowboys kimmel and anna were bummed...i chatted and played with my iphone...not too much to where i was rude...but just a little :) It was a nice sunday night!
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