Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Homecoming 09!!

Its homecoming at Keller this week, and i am super excited! :) There are four students of ours who are on the homecoming court! It is awesome to see the students that strive after christ to be recognized by their peirs and loving (popular) haha We know three of the boys and one of the girls. The girl Courtney has been dear to my heart since her 7th grade year. She is beautiful inside and out. It was fun to watch her ride the car and wave to the lil kids! So proud!!! :)
Forgive the darkness of this picture...i couldn't figure the camera out at first and the cars were first sorry....but this is Courtney and Riley.

The proud football moms :)


The Steifles. Sweet family that i have known for 8 years. They used to help with youth and as their boys grew they stepped down. But we keep in touch and have fun together! The boys bags were full of candy from the students in the parade. Andrew kept giving Luke candy and when we left he told him 'You rock! thanks for all the candy!" It was cute and fun!

Super fun night!! SO excited for the homecoming game saturday. It will be fun to see who wins.

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