Saturday, October 24, 2009

sun set to sun rise

Last night Kimmel and i got to go camping with our friend's whose parents live on the lake. She wanted to take her small group girls out there eat smores, hot dogs, and campers pie! So GOOD!! She asked us to tag a long! So we did and it was so nice! We left our home around 5 and got to her parents house at 6ish with traffic and waiting for the girls to get dropped off. We put the tent up and two of the girls went kayaking...i said it kayaking...too cold for me but the loved it! Her dad had started the fire in the lil fire thingy and the grill so when we were ready the dogs went on the sticks, then the smores, and campers pie! Andrew and her husband fished off their pier and we ended the night watching transformers 2 ...pretty good. Please be in awe of the creation i got to capture below :)

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