Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Time Audit

So i am doing a time audit for my boss here at work, and by boss i mean executive pastor. To check up on the youth minister to see how i spend my time in the office. I really don't mind it cause i don't play around too much here in the office....but i find my self wondering will this meet his expectations. Does he have in his mind exactly what he thinks my job should consist of or not. I was telling Andrew last night that this week was a bum one to check cause we leave tomorrow to go to VA and we are there until saturday all the student events i usually go to i am not this i am putting and addendum of the past two weeks that were filled to the brim with stuff....i don't want to get let go cause i am not a good student pastor...:)

Oh and i have a hard time deciding whether i should say student pastor or youth pastor...cause in the church world everyone sorta knows what student pastor means but outside that world people are like 'when will you get done with school and be a real pastor' thinking i am the 'student' pastor. rather funny in my mind :)

Which do you prefer? Student Pastor or Youth Pastor? Place your votes below on the comment button :)

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