Tuesday, October 27, 2009

time recorded

I couple of posts ago i mentioned that i was doing a time audit for work. Last time i heard the word audit was back in college during my accounting classes! Its a not fun word. So i was a little nervous or worried or whatever you describe it. So i opened and excel file and begun recording from the moment my alarm went off til i laid my head back down that night. It was interesting and kind of fun...but i did wonder if my time was being filled with what the boss man wanted. I have since finished and he has not addressed anything about it so no news is good news yes? :)

Time is precious. Time slips away from you too. Sometimes we fill it with good stuff and sometimes its bad stuff. Sometimes its just a matter of selfishness or godliness, which do we choose at this moment to satisfy. God is the only one that gives us living water of satisfaction for eternity. That is the most amount of time anyone can give or get! Spend your time wisely!
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