Monday, October 19, 2009

Trip Home

So last thursday Andrew and i flew out to Va to visit with my family for a quick visit. It was really nice and we had fun but it flew by like our plane ride :) hahaa. My sister has four kids from age 12 to 4 years old. We got to spend a couple days in their lives, watching soccer games, playing video games or swashbuckleing! It was stupendous and we can't wait to go back in December!
My sister helped me entertain my history loving husband with two 'tours' of history. The first was to the Edgar Allen Poe museum. It was a quiant little house next to shockobottom in Richmond. Max was too cute just asking questions about the old stuff...and trying to touch things that were barred off :) Then Deb took us to St. John's church. If you don't know that is the church that Patrick Henry said the famous line "give me liberty or give me death!" There was a man there that did the talking in reenactment was quite interesting! On saturday he said they were having the surviving family members of the signers of the Declaration of Independence coming and hanging out there! Pretty cool!

I put pictures on facebook with my i don't have them here...check it out! :)
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