Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Your the Door i am walking thru!!

This past sunday night Andrew and i went to the concert above with some of our friends and had a blast. It was pretty incredible to see three very talented and lovely groups make an obvious effort to put Jesus at the center of their tour! The name of the tour was based off a song that Leeland and Brandon sing together. Talking about Following God where the poor and needy are. The began the night with two worship songs with all artist on the stage. Setting from the start that they was not one better than the other that God is the reason they live and sing. After each artist had played a small set they took a break to talk about "food for the hungry" organization that does more than just hand outs for those in third world countries. Pretty amazing and humble!
I can't stop listening to Leeland, their words are just medicine to my weary spirit! If you have not heard them PLEASE check them out!!! It will minister to you! They are all on itunes, or i put the sites below!

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