Saturday, November 21, 2009

Andrew's weekend!

So today is Andrew's Bday!!! On Thursday we celebrated with our friends, Baloghs and Anderson's by playing hand and foot and praying for the Anderson's before their "honeymoon" to anitiqua! His childhood friend Bob came over and they headed off to play an indoor game. When i asked andrew if they won he said no, but it was so much fun, i got to assit two goals and it was really physical and great to play! He was so happy! :)
Today we cooked bfast, opened some gifts, went to Sports Authority to get another gift, walmart and lunch. Now relaxing in the bedroom flipping from football and the antique roadshow! Maybe a movie in a few. He loves resting so not much is going on...dinner tonight with some friends.

If you know andrew you know how loving and sweet he is! I am very thankful for him!!

Last week he got to go to Cowboys' new stadium..this is him touching the star! :)
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