Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh Wednesday

So every wednesday is pretty much the same. Wake up get to sbux at 8am and visit with Niki, my friend and mentor. We talk about everything and share advice and worries. Its a great start to the day! She is a pastors wife and has been meeting with me for like almost 5 years now. We have grown in to good friends and i like it!
Then i head to the office and hit the computer, for emails, remember the milk, and whatever else. Followed by running thru my head what do i need to do to set up for wednesday night. It is our big night of the week. Before our intern that came around about 4 months ago setting up chairs was my mid morning duty. It was ok with music on and sometimes i prayed to keep my mind going.
Then next is a school lunch, then eat lunch, and back around 2 to get technical stuff ready. Media shout slides for songs and teachers.
Its a great day...sometimes it feels super busy and others super slow. But no matter how the wednesday turns out it ends with 4 hours of fun spent with students! I am always spent at the end of the night and ready for bed as i drive home but i wouldn't change it for the world! I love these students! I just pray we can teach them truth and grow them to share with their friends.
Please pray tonight for our worship leader cameron, and Dustin and Kyle as the lead and teach our students. Pray that i will have purposeful conversations with students and meet new ones! Its a good day!! :)
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