Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sad But True

Now some of you may not know that for my 30th bday i given a trip by Dad to go to Hawaii with two friends. I call this my midlife crisis year cause i never dreamed my life would look like it did at the age of 30, i mean really single and just met someone who could possilby be my one and only yet i was so tattered from past relationships i was freaking out too much to Hawaii is what the doctor ordered.
One of the great things about having a december bday is that Pipeline Masters goes on in Dec. So my two friends and i got on standby and went to the surf haven. I got to see all the famous names like Occy, Kelly, Pat, Curren, and Rob and some of my faves like Dorian and CJ Hobgood. We even 'crashed' a party where they all were and go to hear Donovan play! It was a great 2 days!
I say all this to help explain why i check surf reports daily even though i live in the middle of tx! its very sad but true.... I used to think God would allow me to do ministry in a surf shop some where around the world, but not any more, and i am good with it...i just think my soul sometimes longs to just sit on the sand, watch the waves, and breath in all the smells. So instead i check the reports and think man Pipe is flat...thats sad. OR Pipe is pumping today...double over head! I say these things in my head cause no else knows what i mean, i show andrew the picture of the wave hight and he is a great love and says wow that is huge or i guess everyday isn't paradise really huh? and i close the app and look out at the flat land scape i am surrounded by and thank Dad for the beautiful sunsets that i get to see!

Cool photog with GREAT hair...:)
Sadie, Alisa and Me on my Bday eating near where Jack Johnson lives!! :)
Pipeline Masters Judging and hang out spot.
I am reminscking about it all and wish i could go back!!! :)
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