Monday, December 28, 2009

Back Home

Its Tuesday afternoon and i sit in the office and i hear the clock on my wall ticking. That is it. No one else is in the building and its ok with me. Although it would be quite nice if some work places closed down for a week til new years...oh wait they do! just not mine :) (and yes i have used up all my vacation time i am just complaining)

So we spent a week in Va with my family! Had a blast at some great food, played in the snow and loved on my sister's family. It was a nice week, it makes it difficult when everything fits so nicely with them to come back all the way out here to texas. We keep trying to talk them all into moving out here, if i get my sis and her husband my mom the rest will follow. But we are thankful for the time we had. I would bore you with all the details but instead i will place highlight pics below....until next blog :)

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