Monday, December 07, 2009

Beckham our 'child'

Right at the start of our 'talking'/dating relationship Andrew brought me a gift from a weekend trip to Abeline to visit his friends at Hardin Simons University. He called and asked me if i was interested in having a cat? I replied what color is it? He said black. To which i quickly said YES PLEASE! :) i don't know where my affection for black cats came from. Sometimes i think it is attributed to the movie Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. Demonic though it is i really liked that film and they cats in it were too cute!! hhaahaha

We named her Beckham after the English soccer phenomenon David Beckham. I thought it was appropriate due to our love of the sport and we were playing on a team together at the time. She is a really great cat. We have had our issues, and i declawed her late so some of the furniture has her permanent scares. She is a quirky kitty, but she is a snuggly kitty. I wanted to share some pics cause she is too cute! :)

One of the funny quirky things she does is when i am making the bed jumps on the sheets to where i cannot continue to make the bed. If i am not quick enough she will even get under the
fitted sheet! she makes me laugh!
Our fave thing by far is when you come home from a long day in the office, or classroom all she wants to do is cuddle with you on the couch. Andrew and Beckham have taken several naps after school. :)
She is sweet and cuddly. I am actually amazed at how many of our friends are allergic though, it is sad. Many brave the allergens and come hang out anyway! :)
If you have a pet i wonder what are some of their quirky and cute things they do...please share! :)

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