Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Concert

Last night our church hosted the Shane and Shane christmas tour, with Bethany Dillon and Phil Wickham. It was so much fun! Bethany i know from her first album and she sang a couple songs from it. Phil Wickham absolutely was blown away by! It was just him and the acoustic guitar and he filled the whole 2,000 seat room! OH it was beautiful and it was all about our Savior! A wonderful time of worship! Shane and Shane seem to get better every time i see them. :) They were laid back, funny and sounded amazing! They did a couple of the christmas songs, but the others were my faves! hahah it is funny how that turns out. But if you like shane and shane you'll like seeing them right? They too lead you to the throne room and worshiped! it was great. I suggest you check them out if you don't already love them! All of them!
Shane and shane have an amazing selection of CD's. They were selling them all in a 10 pack for $50 last night! My fave lately has been the pages one...check it out.
Phil Wickham has a myspace and a website,

I thought about finding a separate bethany pic but this was just too cute! Shane and her got married recently and this was on google! haha She is having a baby soon too! She shared that with us last night. She has some great songs too check her out!

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