Sunday, December 13, 2009

from zero to three in one day...

I have a really close friend here who got sick this weekend. Didn't really know what was wrong and needed to go to the ER. I offered our babysitting skills saturday but her hubby wasn't back in from hunting and she was going to wait it out a bit. They have three adorable children that andrew and i would steal if we didnt' thing thing mind! haha So anyway last night her husband asked us to pick up the kids, take them to church so they can go to the hospital after he did some stuff at the church (co-worker) . We said yes what do you need!
We arrived at 730 and loaded them up after chatting with my friend for a bit and went to was a great morning and i loved spending time with them. Their ages are 4, 2.5 and 8 months. We did the bad parent trick of drive thru at mcdonalds for lunch after church, nap time, play time and snack time then parents returned.
It was fun and exciting to take them to each class and hand them off to their sunday groups, then pick them up and eat and play and discipline. I know its easy to take someone elses kids for one day and just play with them...i know you build each day and it take lots of practice and time.
Going from zero kids to three kids was fun! We would do it again in a heart beat! Mostly cause i love my friend and would help in anyway i could. Also cause its fun and a blessing to be around little ones. They are a blessing and gift to us we are to be good stewards of.
Some people have it easy and pop them out when every they 'choose'. Others have to go to different measures, medically or adoption. But whatever way you get blessed by kids its AWESOME!Praying for all types of families expected or not, easy or difficult. I thankful however God designs it for me and Andrew that He is by our side! It is his timing and joy to give! Help me remember and never forget each blessing no matter how easy the come.
Love you Dad!!
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