Tuesday, December 15, 2009

its just a number

So yesterday was the big day of celebrating me living for 32 years. The weather was a perfect 71. The sun was shining, the birds were signing as i drove into work. The day goes on like normal. haha Went to home depot for a cheap lunch with the boys from work to 'celebrate' haha. Andrew picked me up when he was done for the day and we headed home where i opened some gifts he had masterfully wrapped. He got me a scarf, winter hat, socks and a pair of vans. He also made a slide show for me on our new computer...it was funny. An original paper story by Kimmel. It was a low key evening that was spent on the couch watching House, and Lie to Me. We ended the night with The Proposal, my new favorite movie. Sandra and Ryan just make me laugh!

I guess as the numbers get bigger the celebrations get smaller :) I am grabbing a dessert with some girlfriends tonight so we can laugh and gabb. We are good at that! Kimmel's parents are taking us out to dinner thursday and then we leave on sunday for our trip to VA! I am so ready for that!

I will say that facebook makes you feel very loved...with the reminder on the side ALL people can see it and they All say they are glad you are born, and that is nice to hear!
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