Wednesday, December 30, 2009


One of my favorite things about Virginia is the four weather seasons you experience there. Each one of the four has its pluses and negatives, and i change my mind as to which one is my favorite. The spring has the lovely flowers and spring breezes, fall has the cool breezes and changing of the leaves, winter makes you want to cuddle and stay home, and summer gives a great environment of fun! Its funny one time i heard someone say that the birth of a new season means an end to another, speaking of weather or life cycles.
Its sad to think of something dying, but it has to happen for the next thing to exist. This christmas season is coming to an end to make way for a new year. It was a great christmas and lends for a great new year. With the end of this year the beginning of another starts, 31 years of my life are behind me....who knows how many before me. Each year we get smarter right? haha i would like to think that i have learned from the events in my life, making me wiser.
With this new season i think i want to make commitments to help me stay focused. Be it with family, ministry or personal growth. Having a scale helps with the attainability of the goals. Although i am sure we never really know what each season will look like, we have just a vague outline from the similar one before, so many variables enter and exit all the time. Making each season and adventure! An expedition! Thankfully God walks us through each one just the way we need to be led. He never changes and is never surprised by the seasons or the factors in each one.
Oh how lovely he truly is!
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