Wednesday, December 09, 2009

stop the sun and moon

This morning Andrew dropped me off at Starbucks for my weekly visit with Niki, but it was about a half hour early so i got my drink and hunkered down in a comfy chair to read the Bible. I am reading thru Joshua currently and today was chapter 10.
Growing up in church i have heard all the stories at least once in my life but i love how God totally gives you something new as you continue to seek and read his word even if you heard it over and over.
Joshua is a book of battles, taking over the promise land then defending it. A great storyline for an epic film it truly is. I mean as i read today about God causing the SUN AND MOON TO STAND STILL IN THE SKY! Together! What? I love how just before it in verse 11 in the NASB it says that "the Lord threw large stones from heaven on them..." and THEN he stops the sun and moon so they can finish the job!
Its amazing, surreal and unbelievable, except it is God and i fully believe. When you really think about the sun and moon stopping my brain goes into 'mom' mode of ok well if that is stopping than what is keeping gravity pulling, the waves still crashing and the weather not to destroy any part of the word cause its missing something....GOD TOOK CARE OF THAT!!!
Woah! YEah!

What a mighty God we serve!!! What a mighty God we serve!!! Hope that song gets stuck in your head cause you read that now...and you will share with your family about the greatness of God!!!
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