Sunday, January 03, 2010

Back to the schedule

Tomorrow we will head back to the grind of our adult schedules. Meetings, choices and important things will be talked about and decided. Sometimes i have a hard time gearing my head back in to the work cycle. Its just so nice not worrying about all the details of every little thing. Sometimes i feel lazy cause i don't want to start working until its monday morning and i am back thinking about work stuff! haha
It has been a great holiday and i am very blessed with family and friends that gave me such a great time i don't want it to end! Andrew is wanting to get a running schedule started again for him in the morning, us eating breakfast together after then off to the world for the day. I will not be running with him, i just can't that early, but after work he is going to show my how to lift weights to keep me tone not huge :) haha so that is one of my new commitments this year. Several more to come. I am still mapping those out.
So hope you are having a wonderful day after the holidays and are getting into the swing of life again easily, i will pray for no complaining from any of us...ME too!! :)
Syllabus shock here we come!

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